Assessment of agricultural policies to implement soil organic carbon (SOC) commitments in NDCs. Examples from Brazil and Rwanda.


Nov 2021

Countries with national agricultural policies providing quantified SOC-related mitigation actions and commitments can increase NDC transparency by referring to such policies and associated actions in their NDCs.

Brazil’s updated NDC set an absolute economy-wide mitigation target and for the 2020-2030 period, the ABC+ Plan sets out SOC-related mitigation actions and commitment targets to reduce agricultural GHG emissions for which an MRV mechanism is under development.

In Rwanda, quantified SOC-related mitigation actions and an MRV Framework were developed as part of the NDC update process, however, this SOC-related information is not fully reflected in Rwanda’s latest Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation, which was published two years prior to the updated NDC.

NDC development can be a driver for national SOC-related projects, actions, commitments, mitigation potentials and MRV mechanisms. For developing countries, this process can be enhanced through support programs for NDC development.

In countries where quantifying SOC-related agricultural actions is driven by NDC development, relevant agricultural policies need to be updated and aligned to support NDC implementation.


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November 10, 2021