GIZ Synthesis Paper on Holistic Climate Soil Carbon Monitoring Approaches and Potentials. Draft for Comment


Oct 2020

International interest in improved monitoring and reporting of SOC stocks and stock changes has been growing in relation to improved land management to increase SOC content to enhance climate change resilience and underpin food security. This growing interest has also increased the urgency for credible and reliable SOC monitoring systems for purposes such as national reporting, to visualize the development of land degradation and evaluate the efficiency of SLM actions, and reduce the risk of investments through climate finance which can be used to overcome investment barriers in SLM. Climate finance, in the form of funds or through carbon markets, must be justified by demonstrated effects on GHG emissions and/or adaptation to climate change, benefit-sharing with communities, as well as various co-benefits related to biodiversity and more. Thus, comprehensive SOC monitoring systems are crucial to track worldwide SOC protection and sequestration in relation to climate change resilience and food security. However, efficient SOC monitoring systems are complex and a diversity of approaches exist.

This synthesis paper considers the role and importance of soil organic carbon monitoring systems in global development agendas, climate finance and voluntary carbon markets. It provides further information on the requirements of climate soil carbon monitoring, along with insights into existing monitoring approaches, links to more detailed information, and selected case studies.


Posted on

October 4, 2020