Some frequently asked questions:
What motivated you to become a freelance consultant?

My career evolved based on the belief that people deliver their best work in an environment where they can use their natural strengths, talents, interests, and capabilities to deliver quality work, as well as continue to learn and develop as individuals while working effectively as part of a team. That environment was what I wanted for myself, so I spent many years assessing what that is and looks like for me. I flowed into freelance work by following what brings me inspiration and joy. 

What do you enjoy most about freelance consulting?

Freelance work gives me a sense of freedom and variety:

Freedom to choose what I feel inspired to work on; opportunity to work on a variety of topics, with various people, in various places; the flexibility to schedule my work/life balance according to my strengths and priorities; the opportunity to shift my perspective from being an employee to providing a service; the opportunity to interact with different organizations from a place of professional neutrality.

Do you find it stressful when you don’t have a contract?

Fortunately, I generally don’t. When I chose freelance consulting, I knew it would include periods without contracts, so I adjust my mindset and do my planning accordingly.

Financially, planning and saving to ensure I always have the necessary capital to carry me through sufficient time in advance brings peace of mind.

On a personal level, adjusting to the natural flow of busy and quieter times brings a mix of excitement and rest. During crunch time, often with multiple contracts, I enjoy the thrill of being busy, mentally stimulated, and involved. During quiet times, I enjoy the break and change in pace, spending more time on other things that are important to me.

Professionally, there are increasingly topics I am interested in researching and writing about when I do not have active contracts. I always have something to do.

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