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I work as an international consultant in agricultural science and policy, based in the beautiful winelands area of South Africa. With a PhD in soil science, my technical focus is on sustainable soil/land management and soil organic carbon in relation to sustainable food production, resilience to climate change, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

I chose independent consulting not as a “job”, but as a way to live a fulfilled life. This website is a platform to share my professional journey and some of the beauty life brings along the way.

Welcome to my journey!

Liesl Wiese-Rozanov


Soil organic carbon (SOC)

  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative research
  • Considering SOC in relation to agricultural sustainability, soil health, climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Producing scientific and non-scientific writing
  • Developing SOC-related policy recommendations
  • Considering SOC in national carbon sink assessment

Sustainable soil and land management (SSM/SLM)

  • Providing technical support to formulation and implementation of SSM/SLM projects
  • Preparing technical and policy documents
  • Developing and presenting teaching materials for capacity development
  • Conducting land degradation and SLM assessment for project development and implementation

Agricultural science and policy interface

  • Providing technical expertise in the development of national soil and agricultural policy
  • Analyzing policy for inclusion of SSM, SLM, SOC and more
  • Applying the Land Degradation Neutrality concept in project formulation and implementation
  • Providing recommendations to integrate global environmental targets into national policy

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